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  • FAQ

    Contact lens and care…

    Under what conditions am I not supposed to wear contact lens?

    You are not supposed to wear contact lens to sleep, to swim and if your eyes are red. Additionally, you are not supposed to wear them when your are flying and pregnant.

    Presbyopic baby boomers…

    I was managing without glasses to read,however once I started to wear them more often, I can’t manage without them. Has wearing spectacles made my eyes lazy?

    No, your spectacles made you comfortable and released you from strain, headache, and also supports your work faster. In the mean time, your brain realizes the perfect vision which you adapted to.

    Sunglass protective and cosmetic…

    How do I select a good pair of sunglasses?

    At a glance, we cannot see the difference but we should remember tinted spectacles are not sunglasses. If not technically good enough it can allow more ultra violet light than without it. You can place your trust on branded sunglasses or visit our location where we can fulfill your requirement.

    Low Vision…

    My daughter, 16yrs, left her studies and interest in her life, once she found out that she had Retinitis pigmentosa (night blindness) and that she will be blind one day. Is there any way to prevent this situation?

    Retinitis pigmentosa is a hereditary eye disease. Genetic scientists are involved in a lot of research programs for the last several decades. We are confident that very soon in the future there will be some kind of treatment for this too. In the recent past there have been a few eye diseases which were not treatable but are treatable today. Please bring her to see our Low Vision practitioner.


    All of a sudden I have developed double vision. I have to turn my face to reduce or close my one eye to avoid double vision. What do you think I need to do?

    You have some kind of an eye muscle problem. It can be due to diabetic, age etc. You need to see our orthoptic who can diagnose your problem and give you the proper solution.

    Professional need…

    What do you mean by computer glasses?

    Computer has become a major factor of our daily life. Prevention of any discomfort or damage to the eye should be considered like glare, position, blink, interval and any disturbance for vision which can strain your eyes. Usually after 45 yrs of age one need specific correction to focus the computer distance. For this reason there are several types of lenses being introduced.

    Preventive care…

    My child is supposed to have a “lazy eye”. Will it get worse?

    No-not at all. If a child doesn’t wear their spectacles or doesn’t follow the treatment given, he/she remains as is and will most likely not improve. The most important fact to remember is, if not corrected in early stages, it cannot be improved for the rest of a child’s life. Please encourage the child to follow the instructions given by our practitioner.